Scripture Memory Cards for Kiddos [FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME]


I am so excited to have this website up and running and be able to share it with you!! As my way to say thank you for being here at the start of this journey, I wanted to offer you a a set of 20 printable Bible verse cards for your family. They are free right now, but don't wait, as they are only free in the storefront until October 20, 2020.

Being seven years into our homeschooling journey, I know how hard it can be to get your kids to sit and memorize anything...with the exception of every LOL dolls name (how is that even possible?!). I have  crafted this set of Bible verse cards with my own kids in mind to ensure that they are learning small little nuggets of God's word in their minds. These cards were made with an easy to read font for your early readers, but can also be used for copy work for those just getting started with their letters. Plus...they're cute!! Who doesn't love little cartoon woodland creatures!?

Follow the link below so you can download your printable today. 

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