Beeswax Dipped Leaves

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 With fall in full force in Alberta, I'm not sure I could think of a better way to spend free time with the family than crunching through a forest full of colours! In spite the cooler weather, I must admit, it is my favourite season!

One of the ways you can preserve these colours is by wax dipping the leaves in beeswax- oh- and it smells delicious to boot! Here are some simple instructions to get you started.

1. Grab your family and head out to the forest, or your backyard if you have the joy of having multiple trees out your back door!

2. Collect leaves of varying colours, textures, and shapes. Make sure they are still freshly fallen leaves, the dried crunchy ones don't work as well.

3. Once you are back home heat up your beeswax using a double burner (you can also use old candle stumps that are too short for burning as long as they are not coloured). Beeswax can be found in local health food stores, nearby apiaries, farmer's markets, or craft stores, or here on Amazon. (I like to buy the brick of wax rather then the pastilles and grate what I need.)

4. Carefully (the wax will be very hot for little hands), hold the stems and dip your leaves making sure you get both sides of the leaf covered.

5. Set your leaf on wax paper to cool.

6. Once all of your leaves are cooled you can sew them together however you please. We made long strands that we hung from a birch stick (my son's other treasure from our walk), but you could make wreaths, garlands, etc. Your imagination if your limit!

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