Scandinavian Paper Hearts for Valentine's Day (with template)

Swedish Paper Heart Template

All has been painfully quiet and slow on getting blog posts out around here lately. We fresh ran out of room in our home for homeschooling, and this mama was feeling the crunch as we spread across the kitchen table everyday. There's something rather uninspiring about needing to work/eat lunch/ pay bills/ do art at the same table while jumping between books and plates and forks (*insert a deep and wearisome sigh here*). But alas, the progress to convert a weird unused space in the basement is well underway as we convert a portion of our basement to a homeschool oasis. And yes, prepare to be hit with a post in the future of our before and after photos from the renovation project (I can't be the only one who genuinely loves to see transformations?!).

Somewhere between painting, building, and organizing we have managed to get in a few crafty days and even decorate our home with a few hearts here and there for Valentine's Day this weekend. I'm genuinely not sure what the protocol is this year for handing out pretty cards to friends, so instead we opted to decorate for each other this year, and blissfully enjoy the slower pace of cutting and gluing. I mean really, who doesn't want an excuse to be still and listen to the rhythmic cutting of paper and happy kids!

Just in time for the Valentine's Day weekend I thought I would share how to make these simple Scandinavian inspired paper hearts. Technically these paper hearts are used at Christmas, but the fact that they are hearts, makes this Canadian want to forgo the Nordic tradition and hang them in the midst of our cold and barren winter for a happy pick-me-up. The official name of these folded hearts (for you fellow word nerds) is: julehjerter. If how to pronounce this Danish word is making you tongue tied, let me begin the instructions by promising that the process of crafting a julehjerter is much, MUCH easier than the pronunciation.

How to make a Scandinavian Paper Heart

1. Begin by printing out the template at the very bottom of this post. Simply right click to download, or click on the photo and then right click in the new window to save. I chose to print on the back of 8.5x11" scrapbook paper to add some fun colours, but use whatever paper you have on hand.

Danish paper heart template

2. Cut along the exterior border of the shape. It should now look like a 4 armed octopus...or shall we say "quatropus" (sorry, couldn't resist).

3. Separate the legs of your quatropus by cutting right up to the solid line that separates the legs from the head. See? This analogy is making it all clearer isn't it? Repeat this step for another half heart.

Valentine's Day craft for kids

4. Now for the fun part...taking your two halves, lay them over each other and begin to weave your two quatropus's legs together. It helps to start at the top and work your way down (but you already figured that out didn't you?! I knew you were a smart crafty lady!)

Danish Paper Heart template

5. Trim down any overhang on the edges, and then, if you want to make it extra stable glue just the last few end pieces down. The gluing isn't necessary as the heart is quite stable once woven, but, if you have kids like mine, everything is at least 10x better with glue everywhere. I also happen to agree with their logic.

Hygge Paper Hearts

6. Once you are finished you can either trace a plain piece of paper to match your heart shape and glue it onto the back for a homemade Valentine's Day card, or simply tape them onto some string and create your own garland. That's it! You've created your very own julehjerter! 

If you're looking for the template, click on the image below and save it for printing.

Scandinavian paper heart template

If you are hunkered down for the chilly weekend like we are on the prairies, you may be looking for more Valentine's Day crafty ideas to fill your weekend. Head over to my friend Abbie's blog at The Gal Down the Road and read how she has created a garland of gratitude for a Valentine's Day bunting project. 

Have a happy Valentine's Day dear friend!

All my love,


Like Grandma Did

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