DIY 3D Paper Star with Printable Template

3D paper star craft

As we inch closer to the festive season, I love the idea of a home decorated in homemade handcrafts. It creates a space of cozy invitation to linger and admire that many hands that make a home work. Not to mention I'm cheap (like penny-pinching tight-wad cheap), and DIYs can usually save you a few dollars, while still looking pretty. 

I was admiring a series of three dimension paper stars hanging in a store one day, when my mom's great words wisdom crossed my mind, "I think I can make that!" So I decided to put my geometric loving left-brain to work and created a template. You can download the template for yourself at the bottom of this post, but be sure to follow along so you can see where to fold and glue your masterpiece. 

Old-fashioned crafts

1. Start by printing yourself 6 pages of the template on 8x10 sheets of paper. My printer was able to handle printing on heavy cardstock, but go with what your printer is capable of. You could also use 8x10 patterned scrapbook sheets, or glitter paper (printed on the back of course). 

2. Next, cut out your shapes from the paper. Keep in mind that the side of the page you can see the template on will be the back of your star. 

Now for the fun part...

3. Flip your start over so you cannot see the template, but before you do so, look for the straight and centered line running down the middle of your star (the line of symmetry for you math lovers!) . See it? Once you do, flip your star over and fold your shape in half on that line. 

4. Flip your template back over to see the lines again. Fold every other remaining line (all but the middle line you just folded) template-side in. 

Paper star craft template
5. Repeat until all 6 templates are folded and then get ready for gluing.

6. Grab your glue-stick and start to combine your templates by gluing the tiny two edge flaps together (one from each template). The glue will go the non-template side. Where the two templates join will be the peak of the stars "arms". 

7. Once you have all 6 templates held together on the edges, flip your star over and begin to fold the larger flaps over each other (you can see the back of the star in the above images). You will need to pull them tight to help create the 3D effect of your star. Repeat until you have completed all 6 points for your star.

8. (optional) If you wish to create a star that has two sides, print 6 more templates and repeat the process. You can then glue the two side together using the larger flaps to secure them to each other.

9. If you have used either a one-sided, or two-sided star, allow it to dry completely then punch a hole through the top and run a string, yarn, or piece of jute through the hole and your star is now ready to hang. 

From here you can add glitter, or leave's completely up to you!

Download your template here, or click the image below and right click for a download if the link doesn't work for you. 

Happy crafting!


Like Grandma Did

paper star template

Like Grandma Did

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