For the Weary Homeschool Mom

Exhausted Homeschool Mom

No, sweet friend, you are not failing, you are learning.

You thought all the teaching would be for your children, but here you are, in a place of confusion and frustration, wondering how to proceed. Like your child, with pencil in hand, frustrated by the curve of the “S”, you have furrowed your brow and longed to abandoned the lesson.

“Just calm down,” “Try to focus,” “Don’t get upset.” The words roll off your tongue as your child grows all the more agitated by the unfolding of the events.

But these words...

They don’t acknowledge the challenges of learning, not for them, not for you.

Learning is hard work, and, like the growth of elongating bones and muscles, often brings about pain as we are reshaped. They are the growing pains needed to mature our bodies, our minds, our spirits. Pains long since forgotten as our growth into adulthood slows.

And yet, here you are, on the common ground of unfamiliarity with your child, seeing life anew in your current circumstance.

It’s ok to not know what to do next. It’s ok that it isn’t working today, or tomorrow. It’s ok to walk away and breath awhile. It’s ok to feel what you feel, but don’t linger in the discouragement.

You too are learning. You are learning how to speak in a way that make sense to younger, inexperienced ears. You are learning to find rhythm and routine. You are learning a balancing act between pushing boundaries to grow, and keeping the peace inside your precious relationships.

Your journey will be different than others, as it should be. Those growing pains remind us that we are being shaped into the unique character God desires not just for our children, but for ourselves. These stumbling blocks and days of frustration are simply the pangs of moving from what you used to know and be, to where God needs you to grow in character.

Treasure your relationships above algebra. Stay teachable. And above all, rest in the process, seek His will and wisdom. He will answer.

Give instruction to a wise person and he will become still wiser; Teach a righteous person and he will increase his insight. (Prov. 9:9)

All my love,

Sarah Slanzi

Like Grandma Did

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