Homemade Diaper Rash Remedy

Homemade diaper rash remedy

This week I took a trip down memory lane with old photos of our growing family. Can I just say, I miss the days of little pudgy fingers, chubby cheekies, and gooey chins?! *sigh* But I digress...

What transpired from my little reflective trip was remembering all the efforts it takes to create a healthy space for babies. With our last child, I finally got brave enough to use cloth diapers (read: I finally didn't feel like I was drowning in the newness of motherhood enough to handle another new thing in my world). Since cloth diapers work a little differently than the gel packed store-bought diapers, "bottom dampness" was a real battlefield. 

Thankfully, I have well-seasoned, earth mama friends who tipped me off on a secret I am about to share with you. Ready for it?

Browned flour.

Pretty exciting, hey?! We used every cream on the market (including a few prescriptions once or twice), but at the end of the day, it was browned flour that finally helped us win at the game of diaper rashes. Not only did it work, but it's cheap too! (Remember, I'm a pinching tight wad, see former post for a refresher on that.).

But Sarah, what is browned flour?

Browned flour, not to be confused with whole wheat flour, is simply white flour that has been cooked in a frying pan. Here's how you make it:

1. Find yourself plain white, unbleached flour (if possible the non-enriched kind, although that is a detail I learned after the fact, and it didn't seem to bother our baby's skin).

2. Toss the desired amount into a frying pan or pot (I usually used about a cup at a time since I only made enough to use quickly to avoid it going stale).

3. Turn your heat to medium and begin to move the flour around your pot (do not put anything other than your flour in the pan). 

4. It will seem like it's taking forever, and then suddenly the flour will begin to darken quite quickly (and it will smell pretty awful too!)

5. Once the flour is brown, set it in a container and leave to cool before using on your baby. 

You do not need to add anything to the browned flour, simply use it as it is. I used a little of mine every time I did a diaper change, and a good dusting after bath time (let your baby air dry a bit before strapping on a diaper and "dusting", it will make a huge difference!)

If your baby us really struggling, take them to the doctor as they may need a prescription strength cream to knock it back. Once it's under control, switch to browned-flour as a preventative measure to keep that pesky rash from returning. 

There you have it! An all-natural remedy to diaper rash! Enjoy.

All my love,

Like Grandma Did

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